The new version of Windows 10 appeared on the network before the announcement

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    The new version of Windows 10 appeared on the network before the announcement
    On the servers Microsoft found images of the new version of the system Windows 10 Creators Update.  A source from Microsoft says that this is the final version of the update.

    Did not wait
    The author of the Neowin site found on Microsoft public servers the installation files (.iso) of the Windows 10 Creators Update system the build number is 15063.
    The Verge referring to its source said that the same update under the number 15063 will be released on the official release of Windows 10 Creators Update which will be held on April 11.  So users have the opportunity right now to familiarize themselves with the new Microsoft system and not wait for the announcement.
    Links for downloading ISO files Windows 10 CU (English only)
    64-bit Windows 10 Creators Update (15063);
    32-bit Windows 10 Creators Update (15063).
    April 11 will release an update under the number 15063.xxxx with minor changes and bug fixes.
    Windows for Creators
    Microsoft introduced the Windows 10 update in late October 2016.  The system has received new standard features for working with 3D-graphics and virtual / augmented reality.  In particular the standard Paint editor has learned to work with volumetric graphics.

    Links to download Clean ISO files x86 and x64
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    No substantial improvement for the performance and the restart on boot. I don't care none of those improvements that they advertise.

    Add and add more Trinkets, is to inflate but not improve it. im sorry, im not likes this.

     w10 would be my last resource before other systems. thanks for the info.
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    they leaked it because they want to know the bugs this are the old strategies.
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