10 "tricks" YouTube which you might not know about

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    This service for watching videos in one way or another is used by everyone.  Many people do not even suspect that he knows a little more than showing a video.  Hi-Tech Mail.ru has collected some very simple and interesting YouTube options that you might not know about.

    YouTube Easter eggs
    Maybe not very useful but exactly funny "secret" features of YouTube which "hid" the developers.
    There are several alphabetic combinations that when entering the search string change your user interface or something else happens ... For example we drive into the search for "doge meme" - everything will become surprisingly iridescent.


    A few more combinations that need to be scored in the search
    Use the Force, Luke - everything will become animated-mobile
    Webdriver torso - you might think it's a virus
    Do the harlem shake - just make sure the sound is on
    Awesome - this must be entered directly during the playback of the clip on the keyboard (not clicking on the search).  The scroll bar will become a colored

    Playback speed
    See the training video?  Do not have time to follow the step-by-step instruction?  There is a simple function in the settings that allows you to select the playback speed up to very "slow".  To do this click on the "settings" button at the bottom of the screen then select the speed and experiment.

    Creating GIFs
    Services for creating "gifok" a lot.  In one of them you can get by simply adding the letters gif in the link to the video in the address bar.


    After going through the newly received link you will be taken to a simple gif-file editor.

    How to copy a link from a specific moment in a video


    Do you want to show your friends only a certain fragment?  In order to simplify this task as much as possible use this method.  Put the video on pause right-click on the screen select "Copy video URL at current time" or "Copy video URL with time-related" in the menu that appears.  The copied link will launch the video exactly from this point on.

    Developer Tests
    By this link YouTube developers are testing new ideas features and functionality.  And they suggest doing the same for users.

    How to extract an audio track to MP3 from video
    In this difficult matter for example the Peggo service will help.  We go in insert a link from YouTube on the video where we want to take the sound.

    "Fasten" the player over the windows
    Pile of open windows.  Make sure that the small Youtube player is always on top.  Use the Chrome browser to install the Floating YouTube app.  Copy the link to any video.  Secure it with a "pin".  Clicking on the "cross" button you can move this player to the desired place on the screen


    Save the video to your computer
    There are a lot of ways.  One of the easiest in the address bar substitute the word "save".  Follow this link.  You will get to the page where you have chosen the required format easily and without extra actions download the video.


    "YouTube Hot Keys"
    K - pause or loss
    J - rewind for 10 seconds
    L - fast rewind for 10 seconds
    M - mute the sound
    Digit 0 - the beginning of the video
    Numbers from 1 to 9 - jump over 10% - 90%
    «» - increase font
    «-» - reduce the font

    Leanback function
    This is a kind of optimized TV interface for the service.  Large buttons and nothing superfluous removed comments and many functions.  Everything so that nothing distracts you from viewing.  Rollers will be started sequentially by themselves.  You can try the function by clicking on the link.